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014 - FOLDAPILLAR - The Origami Pokemon -


ABILITY: Shield Dust
HIDDEN: Overcoat

HABITAT: Fields and Cities

GENDER: 50% Males / 50% Females

???????????? -> FOLDAPILLAR -> level 12 -> PAPPEROTHY

DESCRIPTION: Foldapillar the pokemon cell, found in East Maohi. Quiet and static these pokemon follow life slowly. They are shy and are always on the lookout, avoiding unnecessary clashes. They have a great defense ability and resist more direct attacks after they evolve. When they are about to evolve, these pokemon become more agitated and meet in large groups.
077 - DRASPARROW - The Ladino Pokemon -


ABILITY: Infiltrator
HIDDEN: Speed Boost

HABITAT: Unknown

GENDER: 50% Males / 50% Females

DROATUG -> Level 30 -> DROGOON -> Level 50 -> DRASPARROW

DESCRIPTION: Drasparrow the dark pokemon, found in East Maohi. One of the most difficult pokemon to deal with and train is Drasparrow. Her intimidating appearance and devious behavior make her coexist with a somewhat complex Drasparrow. They do not respect human beings right away and begin to obey their trainer when they recognize their strength and determination, only in this way do they become loyal. They are not found easily in wildlife, so do not inhabit specific environments. Unlike their former form, these pokemon are very fast and light, shifting almost imperceptibly.
076 - DROGOON - The Refuge Pokemon -



HABITAT: Forests

GENDER: 50% Males / 50% Females

DROATUG -> Level 30 -> DROGOON -> Level 50 -> DRASPARROW

DESCRIPTION: Drogoon the cocoon pokemon, found in East Maohi. When they are close to evolution, the Droatugs migrate from the marshes to the tall trees in the forests. These pokemon shags have a thick layer of hair that protects their bodies from the most powerful attacks. They are slow and do not move easily, and can remain immobile for long periods. Their wings are not strong enough to sustain their massive body mass, so the Drogoons can not fly.
075 - DROATUG - The Hidden Pokemon -


ABILITY: Shed Skin


GENDER: 50% Males / 50% Females

DROATUG -> Level 30 -> DROGOON -> Level 50 -> DRASPARROW

DESCRIPTION: Droatug the  worm pokemon, found in East Maohi. These pokemon are fearful and hide in dimly lit areas where they moisturize their sensitive skin in damp places. Their body is soft and flexible, which allows them to hide with great ease. They have a second skin covering that protects them from solar radiation. They are not very strong, so they prefer to run away from having to battle.
080 - JAWBUKIGON - The Reputation Pokemon -


ABILITY: Rivalry
HIDDEN: Mold Breaker

HABITAT: Mountainous areas

GENDER: 50% Males / 50% Females

DESCRIPTION: Jawbukigon the Kabuki-dragon pokemon, found in East Maohi. Big and imposing, they are feared and respected by other pokemon and humans, never challenged in vain. They like to train and so spend many hours of the day in constant search to perfect their movements. They possess the heavy body, so they are not very fast, but in compensation their attacks become destructive. They are not evil by nature, however they are pokemon of difficult deal and for that reason it takes a great discipline of your trainers. They claim enormous areas in the mountains as their territories and have since protected them. They are rare and so finding them in the wild is an achievement for those who seek to meet challenges.


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Happy Birthday You are highly intelligent, although your viewpoints are not always understood and your thinking is often far ahead of its time. Easily bored and quickly distracted, you can be impatient at times if others are not as quick or clever as you. While broad-minded overall, you can also be quite stubborn in your thinking. Work and daily routines need to change, even in small ways, in order to keep you interested and challenged. Many of you have a strong travel itch. Famous people born today: John Hurt, Graham Kerr, Francis Bacon, Diane Lane, Sam Cooke, Michael Hutchence, Linda Blair, Ivan III of Russia, Walter RaleighGrigori Rasputin,D. W. Griffith,Steve Perry,OrianthiSteve RileyGuy FieriLord Byron,and edface 
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