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MANTARCEUS - The Prosperity Pokemon -


"There was a time not known how exactly the human population reached the islands of Maohi. Pilgrims and nomads sought for food and shelter in ancient times. During the first years that settled in the area, they found food in abundance. Man and nature have become 'one'. Soon, the nomadic population had consumed all the resources found there, where they called Paradise. Human and Pokemon suffered and many died. Moved by the pain and suffering of his creatures, Arceus the Original Pokemon sent them a savior. The creator took some young leaves of an olive tree, and breathed life ... Mantarceus is the Pokemon Prosperity and under the legacy of his nickname, filled the land of the most diverse plant species. He led the humans, the practices of agriculture and the preservation of planting. A pokemon worshiped by humans, revered as the guardian of the harvest. "
The cover on its back are actually his wings at a time of rest.
PUGLEON by GregAndrade
PUGLEON - The Boxer Pokemon -


Pugleon is a Pokemon Boxer, or preferentially attacks with "handles". In this case, the appendages around your head, take the place of strong arms! The weights on their paws act by the Pugleon of muscles, strengthening their attacks and movements.

For Eevee can evolve into a Pugleon, it takes some conditions. The same should be on the team, from a Fighting type pokemon. This pokemon fighter, must however have learned some stroke type, in a Move Tutor. So that over time it teach the little Eevee this technique, beginning the process of evolution.
DIMETROSTY by GregAndrade
DIMETROSTY - The Frozen Leaf Pokemon -


HIDDEN: SOLID ICE (Decrease by 50% the damage caused by attacks type fire)

DIMETREE --> level 18 --> DIMETROSTY

Throughout the evolution of Pokemon species, Dimetrees managed to withstand hard freezing temperatures, glacial period. For this, they developed foliage that no longer deteriorate, in blizzards and freezing air. Become resistant and defensive and their evolutionary innovations were being passed from generation to generation.
EMBRIGGER by GregAndrade
EMBRIGGER - The Combustion Pokemon -

FLINX --> level 18 --> EMBRIGGER

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